Himi Bridge Park, Himi, Japan  


The project is not seen as simply a bridge across the lake, but as a proposal for the future park. Although the bridge does join the existing south park and the proposed north park, the bridge is interpreted as being the back-bone to the park and therefore an integral part to the areas found on the north and south banks.
In order to achieve this overall goal, the project has been devised as a series of disparate elements that work together to unify the park.
The elements are as follows: The six junctions, the footbridge, the main bridge, the glass pavilion, the promenade, the tower and the piers.

The layout is such that the different elements create different focal points in the park.
The most important element of this layout is along the centre line of the main bridge where, the glass pavilion, small footbridge and junctions one, three and four create and emphasise an axis with the existing mountains. The mountains are an important part of the beauty of the site and the project attempts to highlight the dramatic nature of this axis. The space delineated by the frames on the main bridge creates a susupended focus over the lake.
The rest of the elements, including the existing footbridge create a second axis, this time visual, which adds to the integrity and unity of the park.



 View - Bridge T - J2

 View F - Junction 2

 View G - Junction 3

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