INHABITED/UNINHABITED Symmetries, Barcelona  

An urban space is divided into two parts:

one inside, one outside
one concave, one convex
one inhabited, one uninhabited
one with programme, one without programme

The urban space consists of two inhabited/uninhabited landscapes laid out along the axis of the Plaça de Carles Buïgas. It includes, physically and conceptually, the Barcelona Pavilion and the proposed Fundació Mies van der Rohe.
They are located on either side of the fountain at the centre of the Plaça de Carles Buïgas and are articulated by surfaces, pools (redesigned), glass screens, sets of columns (relating to the Barcelona Pavilion), gates, markers, floodlights, axis, walkway and linear elements (consisting of walls, slit windows, lights and loudspeakers).

The South West concave landscape forms part of the public space of the Plaça de Carles Buïgas and maintains an unobstructed view of the Barcelona Pavilion. It contains within the linear elements loudspeakers relaying the inhabitation of the Fundació Mies van der Rohe. The geographical position of the loudspeakers is directly related to the geographical position of the events in the North East landscape. The archive axis, along the existing northern line of trees, is delineated by two gates and suggests an entrance to the concave landscape which contains two spaces echoing the Barcelona Pavilion and the North East landscape: the eight columns following the landscape contours create a conceptual space and the pool with adjacent glass screens create a perceptual space of projected images and reflections.

In the North East convex landscape the eight columns and pool with adjacent glass screens are repeated. An elevated axial walkway cuts through the landscape and the axis is terminated by a pivotal space echoing the internal space of the Fundació Mies van der Rohe. The archive axis, again delineated by two gates, contains the main entrance and the visible part of the archives. All the facilities of the Fundació Mies van der Rohe are housed within the convex landscape.

1. Barcelona Pavilion --- 2. Plaça de Carles Buïgas --- 3. Rius I Taulet --- 4. archive axis --- 5. concave landscape --- 6. convex landscape --- 7. main entrance --- 8. gate --- 9. marker post --- 10. marker wall --- 11. floodlights --- 12. linear elements --- 13. wall --- 14. pivotal space --- 15. eight columns --- 16. pool --- 17. glass screens --- 18. elevated walkway --- 19. ramps --- 20. stairs --- 21. entrance hall --- 22. public facilities --- 23. auditorium --- 24. multipurpose hall --- 25. cafeteria --- 26. administration --- 27. archives --- 28. services --- 29. shop --- 30. workshops



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